Uses of Classical Linen In Modern House Design

Linen is a classic fabric that has been used since the olden days. It symbolized luxury and brought a sense of elegance to designs. As vendors and dealers, we understand that linen remains one of the popular fabrics even after several centuries. It is primarily because linen brings a classic touch to modern house design, enhancing beauty. 

Besides the elegance and beauty linen adds to modern house design, it brings strength and durability and requires low maintenance. With all these qualities, linen becomes a natural choice. But how can you incorporate linen fabrics in modern house design? Check out this article to know the different ways. 

modern house design
Table Linen

Multiple uses of linen in modern house design


Linen is a perfect choice if you are thinking of a formal look for the tables in your client’s place. It creates a formal yet relaxed style that could go with the different moods of our day. While the fabric gives a comfortable look always, it is best to leave it un-ironed to get the best of its natural color and organic look. 


One of the best ways to use linen in modern house design is to use the fabric as an upholstery. The benefits? Linen does not pill or stretch and is resistant to dirt, stains, and abrasion. It also has antistatic qualities naturally. 


In modern house design, classic draperies always have a unique look. So, linen makes for a perfect choice. With its elegance when used for draperies, it creates a more luxurious look. Since the fabric is also durable and can be washed or dry-cleaned easily, it shines at its best for years. A beneficial natural fiber choice, air permeates through linen, providing airflow while protecting privacy.   


A dining table set gets better with placemats, and what adds more flair to the modern house design? You know the drill by now, a linen placemat. It gives the perfect finish the table deserves. 


Napkins made of linen? It is an ancient choice that seamlessly merges with modern house design choices. There is no better way to mix and match historical elements with modern choices. With washing, linen napkins become softer and ironing when damp gives them a fabulous look. 


Bed linens, a no-brainer. When you suggest your clients use linen fabric in their house, you immediately consider using it for the bedding. The soft feel of pure linen that keeps us warm in winter and cool in summer is a perfect choice one needs. After every wash, the bed linens become even softer and appear more organic. 

Other uses

  • Headboards – Linen helps create a clean and minimalist look with mass appeal. 
  • Wallpaper – Wallpaper made with linen gives the extra nudge the house design requires.

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