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rugs exporter | Delivering finest quality products for the global markets Develop Design | Deliver home furnishing company Innovating For the European and American markets for close to 7 decades

Home Furnishing & Textile Manufacturing Company

Soft Options is among India’s finest state-of-the art textile manufacturing company with close to 70 years of experience in designing, developing and delivering quality home furnishing for international markets. 

Who We Are

We are a family owned business with an experience in manufacturing home furnishing textiles for three generations over seven decades. The founders have, over the years, worked with leading global players in multiple countries with several well-known brands in Europe and America. The vast experience as a home furnishing manufacturer in the industry comes from exposure to customers of different segments in the worldwide arena. We as a textile manufacturing company bring forth a strong market understanding, design sensibility, latest technology, sustainable processes and delivery excellence to enable the client’s plans for his market.

Core Values


Our Founder’s guiding principles and work ethics ensures that each and every piece that we deliver carries exactly the same quality that we promised. We create our products with honesty and consistency.


We understand that our clients’ business has a serious dependency on us and are grateful to them for assigning this responsibility to us. We commit to consistently aligning ourselves with the clients’ objectives.

Delivery excellence

Our experience of close to 7 decades ensures that we provide customers an assurance of innovative, design-led products with an international appeal, adhering to global quality standards, transparency and delivery schedules.

Home Furnishing Manufacturing Company - Soft Options

Why Choose Us

Design Aesthetics

Our design capabilities make us translate customer vision into reality. In the luxury home textile segment we pride ourselves in understanding international trends, workmanship and latest machinery enable us to design products with an international appeal.

Reliable Partners

The combination of our market understanding, an experience of seven decades as a home furnishing company, quality and social compliances makes us dynamic and collaborative partners. We continue to strive to achieve excellence and maintain strong relationships with our clients.

Delivery Excellence

Our proactive approach enables us to design, develop and deliver our products in a timely manner. An experienced team, advanced systems and smooth internal functioning enhances our customer experience.

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Soft Options is a responsible organisation adhering to international standards of guidelines from world bodies. Our processes are continuously ratified by relevant bodies ensuring that our clients are confident about the source of their products.