The fragrance of our favourite dish being cooked, the aroma of our morning beverage being prepared, the memories of making (and probably burning) our first batch of cookies and dining with our loved ones…Every kitchen brews many beautiful stories. And to complement these stories, we craft exceptional kitchen linen.

Kitchen Linen Supplier
Kitchen Linen Supplier

Our 7 decades of experience as kitchen linen manufacturers to brands and homes all over the world has taught us to create these products with not just the promise of quality but also emotions, understanding, and love. And that’s why our kitchen linen collection comes with a touch of unmatched comfort, style, and speciality. 

Over the years, thousands of families across the globe have woven happy stories in their kitchen with Soft Options kitchen linen-

Fun family bonding stories

Remember the first time you cooked with your loved ones? You probably had a blast during your first run in the kitchen but there’s a good chance it was all an extremely messy affair.

Be it a cup of coffee that you made or an attempt at cooking a wholesome meal for your entire family, a lot of spilling and tumbling was definitely happening. 

Cue in- The aprons and kitchen towels from Soft Options.

Made from superior quality, highly absorbent fabrics, our aprons are perfect for such occasions! They not only keep your clothes clean and tidy but are extremely comfortable as well. They also come in different prints and sizes- Which means there’s an apron for everyone in the family in this cooking story! The durable fabric ensures that the apron stays as good as new after multiple washes. What’s more? We can also help you with customized aprons. 

Our kitchen towels too, tell a story of softness, quality, and great absorption. Be it helping you with quickly drying your hands or wiping spills around the kitchen, they do their job extremely well.

As a kitchen linen supplier with so many years of experience and varied clientele all over the world, we know that no one likes to have an unclean kitchen towel lying around. This means multiple washes over a short amount of time. And that’s why we employ fabrics of the highest quality while making our kitchen towels. This promises their lasting durability despite the general wear and tear. 

The Baking Story

Be it baking birthday cakes for our loved ones or the Sunday ritual of cookie-making with grandma, every baking story exudes warmth, love, and goodness. But since baking is no easy feat, trials, errors, clutter, and mess around the kitchen are bound to happen.

Kitchen Linen manufacturers
Kitchen Linen Manufacturer

Enter: Your Soft Options baking partners- Aprons, oven mitts, kitchen towels, and more.

The oven mitts and pot holders created by us score high on not just quality but comfort as well. We create designs using different materials (rubber, silicone, cotton, etc.). These products bake a story of not just effective insulation from heat but also that of comfortable wear and sturdy grip. Pair that with all the designs and sizes we curate these products in, and you’d know that everyone in your family can be the hero of this story. What’s more? Our customizable options also let you create these products just the way you like them.

The Dining Story

The dining table is the place where gatherings happen, conversations start, and celebrations occur. From the older generation to the newer ones, this is the place that brings families and friends together. And while all these special memories are in the making with so many people around, some spilling and stains are expected to happen.

Linen Manufacturer
Linen Manufacturer

To the rescue: Table linens from Soft Options

From table covers to napkins, as kitchen linen manufacturers and suppliers, we make it all. We take pride in sourcing the highest quality of fabrics and creating a versatile range of options to cater to different customer tastes and needs. We utilize fabrics of different kinds- Cotton, silk, polyester, linen, etc. and also style them in different shapes and sizes. What’s more? The product quality ensures that it stays as good as new after multiple washes.

Our designs are also research-baked for customer appeal and are high on the style quotient- This makes them a great choice for all kinds of occasions. 

We know that all these stories are incredibly special. As kitchen linen exporters, we are proud to be a part of the stories of so many brands and families. We only hope that our quality, timely delivery, customer-centric approach, and market understanding helps us become a part of many more happy stories in the future. To understand our offerings and capabilities further, please visit our website.

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