Easy ways to make your Curtains look more premium


While the curtains’ fabric and their quality play a big role in how rich they look, you can still do many things to add a more premium feel to them. In this blog, we share a few easy tips to do the same-

1. Higher and wider is better

Hanging your curtains high and wide creates a larger sense of space. You can easily achieve this look by picking a curtain rod that is 8-10 inches longer than your window/door. We also recommend mounting the curtain rod as close to the ceiling as possible.

2. Layer your curtains

Use two or more types of curtains together to add an effortless touch of rarity, royalty, dimension, colour, and texture to your decor. This also allows for better control of light and air in comparison to a single curtain. Here are some combinations you can try-

  • Layer a sheer curtain under an opaque or blackout curtain. This combination is great for letting the light in and also giving you privacy when necessary.
  • Shades and curtains look extremely chic together and add a cosy feel to any room. We recommend picking blinds and curtains that are non-identical but complement each other. For example, if you are going for printed curtains, go for plain blinds in a similar shade.   
  • Adding valances, swags, or cornices to your curtains can add an easy flair to your decor. We suggest getting them in the same colours and shades. Plain contrasted with prints also look great when it comes to these window treatments.

3. Don’t be afraid of bold prints

Be it rich roman, beautiful bohos, gorgeous geometry, or lush botanical prints- They easily add a sense of unique character to any room. And since they are highly noticeable, they are a great way of injecting personality into your decor.

4. Try heavy drapes

Heavy, long drapes are a sure-shot way of adding a touch of premium to your room. Think of curtain fabrics like silk and velvet for this look. Style tip: Pick them in a colour that’s in contrast to the rest of your room to enhance their appeal further.

Picking curtain rods, rings, and tie-backs


This might be a slightly overlooked aspect of styling curtains. The curtain rods, rings, and tie-backs you use add a touch of aesthetic to their overall look and feel. Rings and tie-backs are obviously easier to experiment with when compared to rods.

  • That’s why we suggest going for a rod with a timeless design and colour. Think metal or wood.
  • There are plenty of designs and aesthetics to try out when it comes to rings. From pin hooks to sew-on hooks and clip rings, each type brings out a different kind of style to the table. For example, go for clip rings for a DIY look and sew-on hooks for a more premium one.
  • Tie-backs are definitely the easiest ways to play around with your curtain styles. We recommend going for metal ones for a more premium look. 

We are sure that you are all set to give your curtains a more premium look with these tips. However, as we discussed at the beginning of the blog, the curtain quality and fabric play a huge role in making them look great. And this school of thought applies to all kinds of soft furnishings. 

That’s where, as a retail or a lifestyle brand, sourcing your curtains and all other soft furnishings from the right manufacturers comes into the picture. At Soft Options, we have been designing, manufacturing, and supplying quality curtains in varied fabrics, colours, and styles to leading lifestyle brands all over the world. With over 7 decades of experience, we also help companies cater to the unique tastes of their customers by offering highly customisable solutions. Get in touch today to know more.

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