Create the Perfect Setting for Every Occasion- Just Pick the Right Table Linen!

Be it a sophisticated vibe or a fun one- Table linens can help create the right ambience for any kind of space. Depending on the colours, fabric, or length of the table linen you choose, you can set the mood for your room, office, event, or restaurant.

And since they play such a crucial role in helping you get the vibe just right, here’s a quick guide to help you choose the right one(s).

Step 1: Determine your requirement

Table linens don’t just serve a functional purpose but also help create a certain vibe. So before anything else, pin down on the kind you want in your space. 

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Step 2: Find the right material

Different kinds of fabrics communicate different kinds of stories. Cotton and linen are often used for their softness and super absorbent nature. Satins add easy glamour to your decor, polyester comes in handy when the budget is a concern. Materials like sequins and taffeta are also popular for special events.

Step 3: Pick a colour

It’s no secret that colours dictate the aura of any space. So be it your office, event, or dining table linen, its colour is of prime importance. Here are a few things to keep in mind while picking one-

Pick colours that complement the existing space to make it more cohesive.

Go for neutral and classic colours like white, off-white, beige, black, and browns. They can be resued and help add that warm, welcoming feeling to any setting. 

Pastels go really well with outdoor setups.

If abstract is more of your style, pick table linen that matches with a random piece of furniture/wall in your space.

Theme/Season– Play with the colours depending on the theme of your event or the season. For example, white and red table linens on Valentine’s Day.

Step 4: Plain or prints?

Like other soft furnishings, there are thousands of prints and patterns you can choose from when it comes to table linens. We recommend going for straight plains for formal settings. Small prints work for semi-formal ones while fun ones create a more casual, laid-back vibe. This, however, depends on your taste and the extent to which you wish to experiment.

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Step 5: Table linen dimensions

Have you noticed longer table linens at corporate settings and shorter ones at casual places? Their length can totally affect the tone you are going for. This is why we recommend you know the size of your table(s) and find the size that suits your needs the best.

With this information, we are pretty sure that you are all set to find the perfect table linens for you or your clients. However, we still believe that availing services from a table linen manufacturer that offers customisable solutions can be one of the best ways of getting this done right. Soft Options is one such manufacturer.Β 

With over seven decades of experience and the curiosity to stay up-to-date with the latest furnishing trends, we help you serve your customers serve the best. We design and create table furnishings of different fabrics, colours, prints, sizes, and patterns to serve different tastes and likings. Start exploring our range today!

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