Luxury throw blanket manufacturer’s guide to throw blankets

Throw blanket are one of the easiest and smartest home decor elements to style. Not only does it make your room look cozier, but also counts as a daily utility item. Is your recliner or your bed looking too plain? Just add a throw to it, and it’ll immediately bring it to life. While throws are the easiest and most economical way to deck up any space, you might be clueless about many aspects of using a throw, such as its types, styling options, and care. As a luxury throw blanket wholesaler, we have created this extensive guide to address each aspect, one after the other. But first, let’s begin with the basics, shall we? 

throw blanket manufacturer

What is a throw blanket? 

A throw is a type of blanket that one can literally throw on a couch, recliner, sofa, chair, or bed to add an aesthetic tinge to it. The primary purpose of throws was to add a contrasting color or a texture to an existing piece of furniture, but slowly people have started loving the idea of snuggling or just having a throw around them. Ideally, throws are rather smaller in size, but you can find them in multiple sizes. 

Difference between bed blankets & throw blanket

What differentiates a blanket from a throw is its purpose. While a bed blanket is slightly thicker and used only while sleeping, a throw is designed for home decor. Throws are meant to be more decorative and aesthetically elaborate in design. In contrast, a bed blanket is only supposed to be warm and soft. 

throw blanket manufacturer

Types of luxury throw blankets 

Faux fur 

Did someone say cozy throws? Then nothing can beat premium quality luxury faux fur throw blankets that take coziness to another level. They’re super elegant, super soft, and the best thing to snuggle in on a cold night. These are both practical and beautiful as they not just keep you warm, but also add up to the aesthetic of your room. 

Woolen throws

Woolen throw blankets are best for colder countries. The best part about wool throws is their moisture and fire resistance. They’ll keep you dry and can be easily worn if sitting near a fireplace. Moreover, they are light in weight and will look beautiful on your sofa or chair. 

Cotton throw blankets

Cotton throws are the most loved type of throws mostly because they are light in weight and look beautiful wherever put. Cotton as a material is soft, breathable, and long-lasting and provides you with extra comfort and warmth.

Fleece throws 

Simplicity at its best! Fleece throws are a popular choice amongst people as its extremely soft, affordable, lightweight, and super easy to maintain. Moreover, fleece as a material adapts to room temperature- meaning you can use it throughout the year. Fleece can be an excellent alternative for you if you are allergic to natural materials like wool. 

Cashmere throws

Real cashmere gives a very fine, luxurious as compared to other materials. Not just that, it also has excellent insulation properties keeping you warm during extremely cold weather. Cashmere throws are made from the long hair of goats spruced from countries such as Tibet, India, and Pakistan. 

throw blanket manufacturer

Ways to style throw blankets 

On the sofa

There are many ways to use a throw on a sofa. You could go for a clean folded cut or just let it lay organically on the corner of your couch. You can be as experimental as you want and use the armrest or the sofa back to place your throw. A throw lying on a sofa always catches the eye and adds more character to the overall theme of your living room.

On the chaise

A throw can enhance its appearance if you have a chaise in your living room. You can go for a clean folded cut or drape it diagonally for a casual fall effect.

On the Bed

Styling a throw on your bed should not be confused with your standard bed blanket. Bed blankets are much bigger in size and do not give that fall effect like a throw. Most people use a throw purely as an aesthetic element in their bedroom, but one can also use it to snuggle or wrap around on a cozy cold night. 

On the Chair

A throw on a chair looks very beautiful, giving it a cozy vibe. The best way to style a throw is to wrap it around its arm or simply let it fall from the seat or throw it on its back. 

In a basket

This is purely a home decor trick that is super easy and looks great in any corner. All you need is a beautiful basket or bag in which you can drop your throw in a way that gives a cascading effect.

As luxury throw wholesalers, we absolutely love the idea of having throws around the house. A good throw can not just enhance the aesthetics of a room but also make it look cozier and homely. At Soft Options, we manufacture all kinds of beautifully designed throws made from the finest fabrics. Head to our website and check out our entire throw collection

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