6 Reasons why importers are choosing Indian home furnishing manufacturers

For many years home furnishing manufacturers in China have been the #1 choice for sourcing products for importers worldwide. But now, due to the changing world politics, India has emerged as an alternative to China. While China would always dominate by offering lower prices, India can be a better alternative in the long run. In this article, we’ll explore why sourcing from Indian home furnishing wholesalers can be a profitable deal for you. 

Availability of raw materials

India accounts for around 25% of the total cotton production globally. Besides that, India also produces linen, silk, and bamboo- making it a hub for home furnishing manufacturers. The in-house cotton production gives Indian manufacturers an upper hand in ensuring quality control. 

Easy communication

English is an official language in India. Most official communication happens in the English language, which makes trading easier. This plays a significant advantage when communicating with your supplier in India- especially if you are sourcing customized products to sell under your private label.

Place small orders 

Since most products in India are handmade or partially handmade, most home furnishing wholesalers are willing to take smaller orders as well. This works as an advantage, especially if you are a smaller player or only selling on Amazon. 


Many home furnishing manufacturers and exporters have been in this business for years now. They have a profound understanding of the craft of making home furnishing- right from sourcing the suitable material to producing unique designs that cater to international buyers. 

Ease in customization 

India has access to various natural fibers and materials, which facilitates customization according to your customer’s needs and likes. You can not only customize the designs but also request customization for specific materials. 


India cultivates most of the fibers used in manufacturing home furnishings. A lot of Indian home furnishing manufacturers are also REACH compliant. This means that they use the least amount of chemicals that are hazardous to the environment. Moreover, this industry empowers many generational artisans, craftsmen, and workers who are traditional weavers or embroiderers. 

Key home furnishing product categories you can source from India

Carpets, rugs, and floorings

India is one of the largest exporters of carpets and floorings worldwide. Indian carpets are famous for their quality and intricate designs. But finding a genuine seller can be a bit tricky. If you are looking for a rugs manufacturer, you should do a little research and background check before finalizing your supplier. 

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Bed covers and linens, bedspreads

India is a world leader in exporting the highest quality linens, bed covers, and bedsheets. Its dominance in bedcover exports can be estimated from the fact that it is ahead of China. India’s advantageous position in linen exports is credited to its massive cotton production. Indian home furnishing wholesalers have fully equipped manufacturing units that produce the highest quality bed furnishings and linens that suit international buyers. 

Cushion and duvet covers

India is undoubtedly one of the best places to source cushions and duvet covers. With high production units and automated machinery, Indian home furnishing manufacturers can deliver high-quality products at competitive prices. As buyers, you can specify your design requirements and the quality you are looking for, and you will be able to source it. 

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Throws and curtains

The USA has been one of India’s biggest buyers of curtains and throws. India’s lead in manufacturing and exporting throws and curtains can be credited to the exceptional quality of fabrics and modernized machinery in compliance with the latest preferences in the international markets. 

Table covers, placemats

Indian home furnishing wholesalers and exporters have been manufacturing table covers and placemats of the highest quality at competitive pricing. If you are a buyer looking for suitable suppliers of table covers, table runners, or placemats, India should be your first choice. 

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