What makes us one of the leading textile manufacturing companies?

The textile manufacturers’ market today has become one of the world’s most competitive and saturated ones. However, with increased consumption and new brands springing online and offline, the scope for textile manufacturers keeps growing. In this constant tussle between new players and increasing consumer demand- only a limited percentage of textile manufacturing companies have managed to make it to a solid sustainable position. After being in the business for more than six decades now- we can proudly say that Soft Options has become one trusted name in the international market. In this blog, we will share some personal insights on our experience in the industry and how we could make a place for ourselves as the leading Indian textile manufacturers.

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1.   Having good designs and art as a priority

Creating new themes and fresh designs is the first and most crucial step that sets us apart as textile manufacturers right from the beginning. Right from seeking new inspirations to scavenging through what’s currently floating in the market- everything is done in-house by a dedicated team of talented designers. All our market research, mood boards, detailed sketches and sampling are presented to our clients. This can be considered as our first check-point post through which we understand if our approach is heading in the right direction. The end of this exploration-based design practice is to facilitate and deliver designs that cater to our international clients. Further, we devise a strategy around the designs that become our key selling features.

2.   Investing in the right talent 

Once the first check post of creating and approving designs has been crossed, we come to the most process-oriented part- converting the designs into finished products. Being a textile manufacturing company, our team is the spine of our system. It’s impossible to achieve the expected high quality of work without the right set of people who ensure everything goes smoothly at each stage. At Soft Options, we have successfully managed to curate a team of experienced and skilled professionals who ace their job at every step- be it sourcing the perfect fabric, processing that fabric, printing, stitching or embroidery. Our embroidery artisans work meticulously to bring out the exact designs through machine and hand embroidery techniques.

3.   Constantly evolving with new technologies

The time when we stepped into the textile manufacturing industry was very different. If there is one thing that has kept us moving upward in this competitive business, it would be our zest to be relevant and upgrade ourselves. We have always believed that the way to succeed is through change. Today we have computerised embroidery machines along with artisans that perform traditional embroidery- a balance that helps us cater to larger orders.

Home Furnishing Manufacturer
Home Furnishing Manufacturer

4.   Strong work ethics

For years we’ve managed to maintain steady relationships with our clients. We ensure completely transparent communication and deliver quality products consistently. As a result, our clients trust us with bulk orders without having to worry about any hiccups that one could experience. Our team’s ability to maintain these values is the sole contributor to our steep pivot in our journey as textile manufacturers.

5.   Commitment to delivering quality products

We have a separate unit of experts at our factory that monitor each product during its making. When you are a textile manufacturing company, the scope for errors has to be minimised to nil. One small mistake can lead to producing an entire lot of faulty products. This does not only cost us monetarily but also delays the delivery. But thanks to our super efficient team that meticulously observes the entire manufacturing unit, leaving little or no room for errors. Post manufacturing, the on line and off line quality assurance systems are adopted with the assistance of the right kind of tools.

Textile manufacturers
Textile manufacturing company

6.   Having a client-first approach

To ace it in this competitive business, we as textile manufacturers have always had a ‘client-first’ policy. The whole approach, right from designing and material quality to pricing, everything is thought out based on what our client wants. Our strong understanding of the international market trends and modern technology helps us cater to the diverse needs of customers all across the globe.

About Soft Options

Soft Options is one of India’s leading textile manufacturing companies and home furnishing exporters that produces the finest home furnishings. We source the best materials from different parts of India- ensuring that we deliver the desired quality of finished products. Currently, we are exporting to different countries in the US and Europe. Our strong understanding of the international market trends, along with our team of designers, helps us cater to the diverse needs of customers all across the globe. We have a team of skilled technicians and craftsmen who help us be consistent in business with European and American brands. Buy from our existing collection or get customised designs for all kinds of home furnishings. Visit our website today and get in touch with us.

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