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Endless chains of people, products, and processes, come together to make the home of one’s dreams become a reality. At Soft Options, a textile manufacturing company, we are aware of the vital role that we play in this route.

Headquartered in India but with a vision that spans the globe, we study cultural diversity to develop a home furnishing retail experience in line with traditions followed across countries of the world. Our belief that a home furnishing collection, just like the food, clothing, architecture, music, language, and more, reflect this diversity.

Having said that, being in the business of luxury home textiles, and home furnishing retail for decades now, we have also learnt the true meaning of change in the form of constantly changing consumer patterns, habits, and lifestyles. An Indian-based home furnishing company in USA, we are grateful for this variation for it has allowed us to expand our limits over time as well. Experimenting with our processes and design, today we offer home furnishing collections that seamlessly blend contemporary designs best suited to your modern lifestyles, but with the hint of sweet nostalgia, that makes a house a home.

This approach has helped us earn the trust of some of the leading names of home furnishing companies in the USA including Bed Bath and Beyond,  T J Maxx, Hallmark, The Christmas tree shops ,Home Goods and Secret Celebrity . The common foundation of uncompromising work ethic, focus on customer-centricity and commitment to quality between Soft Options and these US Partners is what has made brought us so far.

Moving forward, we anticipate a new wave of demand keeping in mind the changes that have been occurring in the field of luxury home textiles.

The pandemic of 2019 has changed many things inside our homes including the need for dedicated work from home area. A textile manufacturing company with multiple generations walking side by side, we foresee a trend of using soft furnishing items to transform furniture pieces into workstations through the day and cozy home items at night.

The aim is to surpass the expectations of the American household, empowering our clients to offer soft furnishing solutions that serve the purpose of utility and aesthetic in line with the style and taste of their clients at home.

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