Top home décor products to be in-demand for summer – 2022

2022 is here—and that calls for a big plan ahead when it comes to finding out what will be trending this year. The big focus on home décor trends in 2022 will be on ‘COMFORT’. Comfort is the most important home décor trend, wherein the pandemic is getting eased in some regions and we still continue to work from home. A lot of time is spent at home, families want to décor their home, focusing on comfort. Let us read through this article to get a fair understanding of the top home décor products to be in-demand for summer 2022. 

  1. Rugs for ultra-aesthetic home décor

New years is the great time of the year to think of a fresh rug. Adding a luxurious rug is a perfect accent to a stylish sofa or dining table. Whether you want to revamp your entire space or do small changes to make a big difference to your room. Adding a new rug or replacing it with a new one makes a significant impact on the overall aesthetics of your space.

Here are the top rug trends for 2022 to stock up.

1. Antique Aesthetic

2. Muted Neutrals

3. Animal Hides and Patterns

4, Geometric Patterns

5. Flat-Woven Rugs

2. Cushion trends for that perfect finishing touches

Having that perfect set of cushions in your room works as artwork to finish the look and feel of the space. Soft Options has recently come up with new collection of high-quality cushion designs to cater to a broader audience. Each design is fairly conceptualized and is an artwork in its own right. Spending a little extra time sourcing that right cushion for the room will make a noticeable difference to a space.

Following are the cushion design trends to be followed for 2022.

1. Frills & Frings

2. Embroidery Details

3. Stylish statement cushions

4. Handmade Designs & Patterns (Mix And Match)

5. Linen cushion covers designs 

3. Throws – One trend for seasons

It may not be the most important décor item in your room but the most comforting one. In this harsh world, we all need a little more softness in our lives. This explains our following trending product for 2022, i.e., Throws. At Soft Options, we have a comprehensive collection of throws ranging from soothing fabrics to patterns to sizes; all you need is to choose from the top throws manufacturers.  

4. Curtains – For privacy and décor. 

Curtains are undoubtedly the most important element of home décor. They perform both a functional and aesthetical role while designing a house. Selecting the right set of curtains for the room is a big decision that can style or spoil the look and feel of any room. Therefore, ensure that it works right and looks good.

Soft Options is among India’s finest state-of-the-art textile manufacturing and home furnishing company with close to 7-decades of experience in designing, developing, and delivering high-quality home furnishings. They offer a wide range of designed and custom home décor furnishings for suppliers and top home decor brands

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