In the era of choosing comfort over style, there are very few things that are just the perfect blend of both – Throw Blankets are one of them. Cosy and vibrant, chic and comfy – throws add a layer of personality to your home.

Throw Blanket

Unlike many other décor pieces, throws have a practical side and are ideal for those chilly winter nights when you need warmth and want to feel cosy.  Light-weight throws are created by throws manufacturers & suppliers estimating the high demand in summer, spring, and autumn. Additionally, Throws are also a practical choice for pet owners. It is a terrific way for pet owners to keep furniture clean and pretty while adding flair and ensuring a quick clean-up.

Like art, your throw choices are subjective. Some may like a soft, muted cotton look, while others prefer a chunkier coloured wool option. Throws instantly make a room Instagram-ready. But don’t be fooled by the perfect interior decor pictures on your feed – Styling a throw is not easy. 

Throws manufacturers & suppliers offer a variety of designs. Here are different ways that you can style your throw blanket to add a tasteful design element to your rooms – 

  1. The Lazy Throw

This misleadingly named style is anything but simple. It is a meticulously styled throw that drapes just the perfect way across the contours of your couch to look relaxed and inviting. The final look may be effortless but the process is not. 

What you can use is a method called “Drape and Scrunch”. First, drape the throw on your bed or sofa corner. Lay it flat. Then scrunch it up around the edges to create soft pleats. You can use a tasselled throw to add interest to the design. 

Another technique is to lay the throw flat on the floor, pick the approximate centre, lift using that centre and drape softly where you wish to. TA-DA – affordable throws with luxury styling! 

Whichever technique you use, allow some fabric to cascade over the front of the couch and even graze the floor. Throws manufactured from flowing materials like chiffon or silk are a popular design choice. These throws made by the Throws manufacturers & suppliers are ideal for this type of drape

  1. Basket it up! 

This is a functional as well as a decorative option for storing your affordable throws. Especially in the summers, when you may not want it on the couch, styling a basket with a throw peeking out can be a chic alternative. You can use decorative wicker baskets and store your blankets, and towels in them with a stylish throw added to make it look like a design element. Or you can use a throw to cover up a laundry basket which may not be as pleasing to the eye. 

This is a casual option and an easy way to add a splash of colour to the room. Picking a throw that goes well with your basket and compliments the room colour is important. Stick to a colour story and add details like the basket or garland of wooden beads draped across the throw to elevate the style. 

  1. The Prim and Proper Fold 

For a neat-freak, the lazy throw is an eye-sore, understandably so! But there is a “primmer” option! The throw blanket can be folded neatly and laid along the entire length of a bed or a sofa. It can also be folded over an arm or the back of a statement chair. Achieve this look by folding your throws lengthwise into thirds. This elegant and sophisticated aesthetic requires precision, so make sure your folds are even and that you tuck in the throw behind your couch cushion to keep it securely in place. For this look to stay clean and chic, don’t overcrowd your couch with too many cushions.

  1. Make it Art 

You can use a throw blanket in an unconventional way by styling them as artwork. Many throws made by Throws exporters come in a heavy weave. These are ideal to set up as wall-art pieces. You can add a string or a wooden frame and hang the throw blanket on your wall. This statement art piece adds exquisite textural interest to your room. It also works as a sound-padding element and you can reduce echoing in the room.  Choosing a bright colour can add personality to your room. 

You can make a DIY project out of this idea and glue the throw to a wooden frame. You can also add patches and flowers to the frame and add more interest to the art piece. 

Throw Blanket
  1. Accent Colours 

Some colours have always been more popular than others at different times throughout the history of décor. Fortunately, as colour trends change, the formerly loved shades become accent colours. These colours, even when used sparingly by Throws manufacturers & suppliers, offer a stark contrast to the currently trending colour palettes and hence stand out in the colour scheme. Adding a throw blanket in your accent colour is a great idea because you can change it as per your whim. You can create an engaging decor piece without fully committing to a particular colour. 

Handcrafted in contemporary designs built for the home of the 21st Century, Throws manufacturers & suppliers Soft Options, provide affordable throws that help you live a stylish lifestyle, layered with a sense of relaxation and sophistication. Accentuate and add personality to your homes by choosing soft vibrant throws from soft options!

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