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Social media, travel, and generally changing ways of life have made the world a smaller place. As a textile manufacturing company producing luxury home textiles, we have seen the direct and indirect impact this exposure and exchange of ideas has made on consumer behavior. While the home furnishing retail industry has always laid emphasis on the aesthetic parts of design and finesse while developing their home furnishing collection, it has now also expanded to include other aspects related to durability, themed design, and utility purposes.

Home furnishing companies in Europe for instance, have seen this as an upcoming trend with people making conscious decisions related to a minimalist mindset where they’d rather own a lesser number of items as long as they are of the finest quality while selecting their home furnishing collection.

This shift in home furnishing retail across Europe has seen individuals having to change larger pieces of their soft furnishing items less often, relying on throws, rugs, cushion covers, and the likes to bring change into their spaces occasionally. A textile manufacturing company based out of India, this places Soft Options in an advantageous position.

Our approach of using the best quality material, trained artisans, and specifically designed processes from procurement of raw material to offshore delivery resonates with our partners in various parts of the world. Exporting to some of the leading home furnishing companies in Europe, like Francoise Saget France and Eurodiff France, our aim is to see luxury home textiles make a long-lasting impact at a macro level while bringing comfort and warmth to the lives of their customers at a micro-level.

Put in the bigger scheme of things, we see this partnership with our offshore clientele as incubators of life in a new era where ecosystems work in harmony with each other leaving the world a more vibrant place for the generations yet to come.

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