Secrets to styling your Rug the Perfect Way

As a rugs manufacturer, we at Soft Options, have catered to various major luxurious lifestyle brands across the world. Our 70 years of experience has helped us curate some of the most appreciated rug collections- The secret? Understanding market trends, in-depth research, and utilising the competence of our expert stylists.

In this blog, our research and style experts are here to spill the beans on how to perfectly style your rugs.

Rugs Manufacturer
Rugs Manufacturer

Tip 1: Rugs that fit your room perfectly, look better

When it comes to rugs, size matters. Make sure you get a rug based/customized to the size of your room. For example, if you are planning to get a rug for your dining room, the rug should extend at least two inches beyond the dining table so that it doesn’t interfere with the chairs. Your living room rug should also be placed to have the legs of your seating (sofa, chairs, etc.) at least partially on them. 

Tip 2: Take traffic areas into consideration

High traffic areas in your space are basically the places that are used and walked on often. Avoid placing a rug halfway on the traffic path as this could lead to tripping hazards. We also recommend placing knotted, jute, cotton, sisal rugs, and dhurries at such locations as they are stronger, easy to maintain, and age well.

Tip 3: Let your rug steal the show

They are underrated forms of interior statements. And that’s why, if you are looking for a way to make your decor stand out in a simple way, go all out on a statement rug. We also recommend placing it at the centre of the room and to let it hold your decor together as a centrepiece. If you wish to place a table on it, go for a glass one so that your rug is still visible. 

Rugs Manufacturer
Rugs Exporter

Tip 4: Layer your rugs 

Another way to up your rugs game is by layering them. A great way to nail this style is by choosing a base rug that matches your room’s colour scheme or decor. The second rug, however, is where you can experiment. Let your personality shine through this accented layer. Don’t be shy of picking bold colours or prints! You can also play with complementary colours, textures, and patterns.

Tip 5: Angle your rugs

This tip is for our quirky, experimental audience. Placing your rugs at an angle can add a touch of playfulness, dimension, and depth to your room. You can either place your main rug at an angle directly or layer the second rug in an angular fashion. Either way, it effortlessly helps with breaking the pattern and adding a sense of newness to decor.

We hope that these expert-curated tips help you style your rugs to perfection! You can also check out our latest rug collection for the season on our website and help your customers style the home of their dreams.

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