What To Look For While Purchasing Handloom from Rug Manufacturers 

New to the rug market or for big shots trying their luck in the rug wholesale market, this blog will answer all rug-related questions. Rug manufacturers can be found everywhere, but good quality carpets are difficult to come by!

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Additionally, it could be harder to find the appropriate information about which rug to purchase. Fortunately, our comprehensive guide to the wholesale rug industry has you covered completely. We will cover a wide range of useful insights, such as different types of rugs, what is trending in 2022, and other quick tips.

Handloom rugs are getting more and more popular these days. They are available in a variety of colours, fabrics, patterns, and shapes to choose from. The price of a handloom rug is usually determined by its origin, type of fabric, or the technique used to create it. 

The increasing global phenomenon of having a unique rug that can spark conversations, create a great first impression or make guests curious about “where did you get this from?”

All these things made the rug wholesale and export business a huge success! With the increasing demand for exotic rugs and a huge customer market, this business is blooming like never before! Also, the customers are willing to pay handsomely if they get the desired quality of rugs from suppliers.

So without wasting any time, let’s discuss how you can determine the quality, price, and quantity of rugs while placing a bulk order! 

But before starting with the blog, let’s talk about three golden rules that successful rug wholesalers swear by!

  • Make sure the product is of the proper quality and from a reputable manufacturer. It creates credibility amongst the customers. 
  • The fabric’s quality is important to maintain the shine of the carpets and extend their durability.
  • Focus on the targeted consumer market before placing any bulk order. The rug wholesale market requires strategic planning to create a better ROI.

How to Determine Handloom Rug Manufacturers’ Quality

  • Handloom rugs are produced using materials like nylon, polyester, wool, and viscose. Because the threads are tightly woven, it ensures product durability.
  • The handloom rugs with a higher knot count ensure high quality.
  • The uniqueness of the rugs is determined by the weaving method. Some carpets of exceptional quality have 400 to 700 knots per square inch of total area. 
  • Rug manufacturing is a lengthy and intricate process. Unique rugs made by reputed rug manufacturers are the best investments that bring a huge profit.
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How to Determine Handloom Rug Prices From Their Material 

One must be well prepared before committing to any rug wholesale deal.

Check out this mini guide! 

  • Polyester Rugs

One of the most common varieties of area rugs on the market is polypropylene rugs. These types of rugs are highly affordable.

  • Sisal Rug

Sisal rugs cost a little more than synthetic rugs, but they are still inexpensive.

  • Cotton Rugs

Depending on how they are made and how big they are, cotton rugs have varied prices. The cost of hand-braided carpets is more than the cost of machine-woven cotton rugs.

  • Jute Rugs

This is an aesthetically appealing and environmentally friendly option. The cost of jute carpets might vary. Some designs may cost more than others, and the size can also affect the price.

  • Wool Rugs

Wool rugs are high quality and unquestionably more expensive than other types of carpets.

Most Demanding Carpet & Rug Trends of 2022

2022 is the golden era for rug manufacturers and rug wholesalers. The international market is open, bringing more opportunities for the export-import rug market.

Here are some of the most popular styles of rugs that customers are eagerly waiting for!   

  • Carpets are made of natural or organic materials with earth tones.

Earthy colour palettes give the space a cosy atmosphere. When paired with organic fabrics like wool, linen, or cotton, these rugs create an impressive first impression. 

  • Rugs and carpets in vivid, intense colours.

The vibrant colour scheme makes the space look more appealing and feels energised. It looks fantastic in theme cafés and adorable motels. 

  • Various patterned carpets

Wall-to-wall and floor carpeting. Abstract patterns are also eye-catching and in demand nowadays.

  • Easy to maintain carpets and rugs.

One of the most desirable qualities of a handloom rug is that it is easy to maintain and clean. This strikes a balance between maintenance and aesthetics.

  • Vintage carpets

The popular carpet trend for the next year is vintage carpets. It’s classic and brings back the old-school memories of millennials worldwide.

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Why Choose Softoptions For Your Rug Wholesale Business?

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Soft Options creates the finest home furnishings as one of India’s top exporters of home furnishings and manufacturers of textiles.

We have the honour of being among the greatest rug producers in the nation. Our clients praise the exceptional quality and affordability of our goods, as well as how much their buyers adore them. Mutual growth and client satisfaction are important to us. We are currently selling to several nations in the US and Europe. We are able to meet the various needs of consumers from all over the world thanks to our team of designers and our solid awareness of global market trends. We have a group of knowledgeable specialists and craftspeople who assist us in maintaining our relationships with American and European businesses. Purchase items from our current inventory or order all types of home furnishings with bespoke designs. Visit our website right now and contact us to start your rug wholesale with us!

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