Fresh rug styles to jazz up any space: Rug exporters share what’s inspiring the international markets

As the spring season approaches, we begin our extensive research on the new interior styles and designs buzzing the global market as rug exporters and manufacturers. And so, we thought of condensing all our thoughts on the latest and upcoming rug styles in this blog. 

Natural materials and textures 

Naturally sourced materials, as well as natural-looking materials both, are topping the list when it comes to the most demanded rugs. They blend well with multiple themes, be minimal, earthy or boho. They can be an exciting addition to your living room, boutique stores or even cafes. 

Rugs Exporters
Rug Exporters

Rug Layers

They are an exciting trend as they can amplify the space beautifully if done right. This can be done in multiple ways, with a smaller rug centrally aligned over a bigger rug. 

Or it could be an arbitrary, non-symmetrical arrangement with one rug overlapping the other in no specific geometry. It is truly a game of aesthetics and makes the space look artsy.

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While handwoven or knotted rugs are not new styles, they have recently gotten the recognition they deserve. It’s probably because of the colours and texture that appear very Indie/ traditional, but when coupled with complementing decor elements can look very elegant and classy. 

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Turkish Oushaks

Oushaks are the OG carpets. The beautiful floral patterns and intricate design give it a rich and authentic look and can never go out of style. It can complement a cosy room and a large drawing room with high ceilings. 

Shag Rugs 

Another old style that has returned to the trends, but this time it’s different. Shag rugs look the best in a bedroom, giving it a cosy look while elevating the whole colour scheme of the room. 

These are only some of the most trending varieties in rugs, but this is just the tip of the iceberg! There are many varieties and patterns in rugs that you can explore on our website. Soft Options is one of the leading rug suppliers based in India, exporting to different countries in Europe, the UK, and the United States as well. We not only design and manufacture rugs in-house but also customise them to suit your purpose. With our strong workmanship and quality controls, we have been able to deliver the finest home furnishings to our clients and helped them grow by catering to their customer preferences.

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