One Throw, Many Uses: This versatile piece of furnishing can spice up your decor game for good

Snuggle friends, protective barriers, and great style makers- Soft throws are a great (and slightly underappreciated) piece of furnishings that can add the perfect finishing touch to your home decor.  They not only offer on-demand warmth but also do a great job at adding colour, texture and, instant glamour to any room.

Why throws?

Other than the reasons listed above, throws are easily the most inexpensive ways to keep up with the latest furnishing trends and seasonal demands. Pastel decor in trend? Throw in a pastel throw. Preparing for the winters? Switch from a cotton throw to a woolen one. You see? It’s as simple as that! Start exploring our range of quality and affordable throws here


Placing a throw-

Thanks to their versatile nature and affordability, throws leave a lot of room for fun experimentation.

-Placing them at the bottom of a bed can add to the ‘perfectly made bed’ appeal. 

-You can also place them at the center of your bed for more casual vibes. 

-Adding a throw on your sofa will effortlessly add a touch of luxury to your living room. 

-If you have chairs in your balcony or study, adding throws on them will definitely make tea and reading time more snuggly and warm. 

-You can also place them on the floor as super comfy makeshift beds for pets.

-If you have some cozy corners or window seats in your house, adding a throw in there would increase to their cushy factor.

Picking the right throw-


Soft throws come in tonnes of fabrics (cotton, velvet, silk, wool, faux fur, etc.), designs (plain, geometrical, floral, abstract, etc.), and textures (coarse, fine, stiff, bulky, etc.). Naturally, picking the right throw is all about understanding the vibe you are going for.

-A general rule of thumb to remember while picking the right throw is that it’s not as much about matching but complementing. So feel free to experiment with different (but complementary) colours and textures of throws to your decor.

-If your current decor has a minimal theme, we suggest throws with clean lines and neutral colours. You can also go with patterned and consistent geometric designs.

-If you are going for a more comfy and cluttered vibe, throws that are consistent with your room’s color palette will do the trick. Experimenting with a different throw texture will also enhance this vibe further.

-If there’s no particular theme you are aiming at as such, picking a throw that matches with some part of your room would work. 

Now that you know how versatile throws are and how easy they are to style, why not perk up your decor game with some? As one of the leading throws manufacturers, Soft Options brings you a wide range of throws of different designs, colours and, textures that will help you cater to your client preferences and tastes with ease. Start exploring them here and effortlessly nail the perfect aesthetic for your room.

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