How to experiment with cushions: Cushion cover manufacturer’s guide to styling your living room

Your home is a window to your brain’s creativity and imagination. It’s a projection of your lifestyle and personality. Each element of your house put together gives a vibe to your space. And who doesn’t want to live in a house that looks pretty? But even after scrolling for hours through the visually intriguing Pinterest feed, you end up doing pretty much nothing, right? And that’s ok! Everyone’s allowed to be exhaustive with the millions of ideas that exist on the internet. Why not start with baby steps and experiment a bit with your cushion covers? Easy right? And it doesn’t matter if you are a self-taught pro interior stylist or a newbie at home decor- this blog will throw some cool ideas on how you can easily infuse life into an otherwise dead room simply through cushion covers!

But before that, here’s a little about us- Soft Options is a manufacturer and exporter of home furnishings and textiles. Being cushion cover manufacturers– we have a sound knowledge of trending styles, designs, and fabrics that are comfy, cozy, and aesthetically pleasing.

So without much ado, let’s dive right in!

1.   Following a color scheme

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As cushion cover wholesalers, we saw a huge spike in minimal and solid cushion cover designs. The key to making a balanced assembly of such cushions is to select a color palette and then play around with it. Start with observing your room- the color of the walls, the type of furniture, lighting, paintings, etc. Identify three main colors that dominate the room- this will become your color palette. The final step would be to find the shades that fall in and around the colors on your final color palette. Just ensure you are carrying this central color theme, and voila! You have a new theme for your living room! This is a great technique for choosing other home furnishings and home decor accessories as well.

2.  Mix it up!

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One of the best ways to add style to your living room or bedroom is to throw a bunch of vibrant colors on your scatter cushions. This can be easier to do if you don’t have a central theme for your room yet. While this may look like an interesting experiment, it can also be tricky. While exploring the many options, be mindful of balancing these colors. As beautiful as these vibrant colors look, they can look like a bad shopping decision if the colors don’t complement each other.

3.  Experiment with sizes

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People often choose to have cushions of the same sizes. We, as cushion cover wholesalers, really ponder over these decisions. Really, do away with the boring! Once you mix the sizes up and experimenting with different sizes automatically makes it an interesting arrangement. And we sure can bet on it. Just make sure to keep the color palette and textures intact. Doing so will help you avoid making the interior look a little too mismatched. Which, sure, is not a bad choice per se, but we have to amplify the strength of cushions and not clutter the view. 

4.  Experiment with shapes

You are still trapped around the same rectangle-shaped cushion? Uninspiring! Upgrade your living room space (or any room, really) with the arrangement of cushions that are of different shapes. Why stick to just one shape? Instead, combine round, rectangular, or other shapes. You can also arrange your cushions in different sizes along with dissimilar shapes. One arrangement we personally like is keeping 2 extra large cushions with perhaps neutral tones and adding smaller-sized cushions in between these two. You can select patterned cushions for smaller ones and leave the larger ones solid. This will tone it down from standing out excessively. Another arrangement could be scattering the cushions in random orders. This will enhance that ‘effortless look’ and yet make it look put together and organized.

5.  Experiment with textures

Until now, we’ve talked about experimenting with shapes, sizes, and colors. What next? Textures! Textures are easy to ignore, but the subtle difference it creates is significant. The materials and textures of the cushions can be a game-changer. Pick out textures that suit the general theme of your house. A silk textured cushion will align extremely well with a minimal house. Matching your cushion material or textures with other fabrics from around the house will bring uniformity. Similarly, adding more native and ethnic textured cushions will enrich the uniqueness. Adding cushions in this setting can enhance the interior’s otherwise dull atmosphere. Another thing we love is adding a throw. Read our last blog on how to style luxury throw blankets-

A home is where you will reside and relax, so the interior should scream YOU! However, redoing home décor can be a complex process. Soft Options is available to guide you through this composite journey with our curated list of home furnishing. We hope that this blog tickled your creative nerve and inspired you to bring some beautiful changes to your house.

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