Curtain style recommendations by curtain manufacturers to stock up on as a retailer in 2023

Winter is coming! And so are new ideas and trends that excite us as curtain manufacturers. That calls for fresh designs, textiles, and materials to be stocked up that your potential customers would love to start shopping for in the coming fall/ winter season. We have narrowed it down to some curtain decorating styles that are most likely to rule every Pinterest board. 

This article is a round-up of all those textile trends and curtain designs that all curtain suppliers will recommend you to look out for. Let’s dive right into it. 



Reigning the trends yet again- our first and absolute favourite choice are these velvet curtains that bring an instant element of luxury into the room. Best suited for high ceilings and large rooms with big window openings that bring a lot of light in. These are an absolute go-to choice if you wish to block bright daylight. 


Tulle curtains, also famously known as ‘sheer’ curtains, have also made it to the 2023 curtain supplier list of trending curtain designs! The beauty of these curtains is the light and breezy vibe that they bring into the room. They instantly make your room look more inviting and homely. The best part is that they will only block the glare and let enough light enter your room. 


Easy to wash, light in weight, great in style! Cotton curtains are every curtain supplier’s recommendation for people who wish to keep it simple yet add a little bit of jazz to their living room. They are also a great material for printed curtains as they look bright and beautiful wherever you hang them.


New teal 

This new shade of teal (especially ombre teal) is a refreshing take on curtain decor. It hits the sweet spot between too bright and too dull. It’s new and is definitely predicted to trend in 2023. 

curtain manufacturers
curtain manufacturers

Pale green 

The shades of green have been ruling the internet trend like no other color- especially pale green. No wonder soft green was announced as the ‘color of the year 2022’. It will undoubtedly buzz the curtain maker corridor as this shade of green looks beautiful with both dark and light colors- making it an ideal choice for people experimenting with their home interiors.

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This is another unique and new color discovery amongst curtain suppliers and makers– and we admit that we absolutely love it! It’s fresh, it’s earthy, and it is the right mix of relaxing and energetic. It’s also fascinating to witness how this color reacts during the day and at night. In bright light, it emits a shade of orange, while post sunset, it starts looking more towards brown. 


Japanese Curtains

Also referred to as panels and screens (owing to their straight sheet-like feature), these styles of curtains originally hail from small Japanese apartments. This style of curtains falls in the minimalist category, and many interior designers are definitely liking it. They give a very clean, minimal, yet warm look to the space- something that suits both big and small openings. Beige, ochre, grey, and lighter shades of brown are most suitable for the Japanese curtain style. 

Curtain makers suppliers

Roman Blinds 

An interesting mix of blinds and classic drape curtains, roman blinds are an excellent choice for any kind of space- big or small. One can be creative and even use them to cover a part of a wall that appears as a lovely background for a sofa or other furniture. Most curtain suppliers will recommend this for anyone who is looking to curate modern-style interiors.

Stylish Blinds

Made from different materials such as bamboo, plastic, wood, and aluminum- the classic blinds that once were only restricted to formal office or cabin settings is slowly becoming a popular choice for home decor as well! And why not? They look sharp, neat and pretty on windows, glass partitions, and even doors. While they are an absolute no-brainer when going for a minimal modern decor style, one can even experiment with them to bring out a boho theme. 

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